Layers Magazine’s Last Issue?

I received my Layers Magazine last month in the mail and was astonished to read that they where releasing their last issue. I have been following Layers Magazine from the time of Mac Design and have seen how Scott Kelby and his gang of design genius have grown from design dreamers to design moguls. This slightly scared me for the fact that I am in the publishing design business and Layers Magazine was always one of those publications I aspired too become- imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. 

As a designer and business man this showed that sometimes as great as you are or your product you may have to try something new or change gears. Scott Kelby and his group knew this, they mentioned that all the staff and would be migrated to their sister magazine Photoshop User Magazine. Scott Kelby stated in his letter from the Editor that as much as Kelby Media Group has grown he thought it was in their best interest to concentrate on Photoshop User Magazine  due to its growing popularity and 70,000 subscribers. They did mention that with stay active and continue to be updated. As sad as I am too see this publication go I must pay my respects to the business decision they have made.  

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